Search Guidelines

-VanceAd does not allow the use of social media profiles (e.g., MySpace, Facebook,etc) as a means to advertise or distribute Search Marketing offers.

-VanceAd does not allow the display of potentially misleading phrases or keywords via Search Marketing Content transmitted by You (the publisher).

-All Search Marketing Content must be consistent across your search campaigns. From the Creative to the corresponding landing pages, confirmation page(s) and/or other web pages that are linked to such Creative. This is so the customer is not misleaded.

-Distribution of Search Marketing in connection with any and all Search Marketing Programs must not: (1) utilize any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other similar intellectual property right of any third party without their prior written consent; (2) otherwise violate or breach any duty toward, or rights of, any person or entity including, without limitation, rights of privacy and publicity; or (3) must not result in any consumer fraud, product liability or breach of contract to which You are a party.

-You shall conspicuously post a privacy policy on any and all website(s), landing page(s), confirmation page(s) and/or other web page(s) upon which you collect consumer information in connection with a Search Marketing Program. The privacy policy must comply with all federal and state privacy laws and meet the test of reasonable commercial best practices applicable to privacy policies. Your data protection, use and privacy practices must adhere to Your applicable privacy policy, in both letter and in spirit, in all respects and with no exceptions. The privacy policy must be available for viewing via a clickable link. Such link must include the term &quote;privacy&quote; or &quote;privacy policy.

Keyword Bidding.

-All keywords purchased for Search Marketing Program must. 1.Have some correlation to its corresponding Search Marketing Content so that its not to be misleading. 2. As applicable, meet the additional criteria specified by the applicable Advertiser.

-You must be clear, complete and forthcoming in all statements directed at and concerning Company, its Advertisers and recipients of said Search Marketing Content.